All Classes are customized to each event, venue, and class grouping according to student demographic, interest and age. Select an all day master class or a combination of classes to fit your needs

Class Descriptions: these are only a select listing of popular Designer Joi classes

Fashion Draping


Draping is the art of sculpting fabric on a three-dimentional form to create your pattern and design. This hands on class includes the students own 1/2 scale professional draping form and a special section on Joi’s own techniques for measuring the body and applying measurements to your form, draping and pattern work. Students will learn draping basics and rules, create several bodice, skirt and dress samples, and learn how to take a draped pattern to a final pattern. TECHNIQUE/HANDS ON



Students spend the first day learning the draping techniques taught in the day class and go more in-depth through the process of measuring the body, evaluating the form, and take a pattern to a finished oak tag work room pattern. Option of sewing a garment start to finish. Great for a fashion camp and beginning fashion students or experienced sewers wanting to dapple in fashion, three-dimentional design, and not just traditional home sewing patterning. TECHNIQUE AND SEWING



For students who have learned draping basics, Designer Joi takes the students through more complex designs such as sleeve variations, gown designs and a suit development. Also available as an extension to the Master Class. Inquire for more details. TECHNIQUE/HANDS ON


D. FASHION DRAPING FOR KIDS 1/2 day or day camp:

This class is for the younger (8-14 year old) student and is geared toward educating the younger sewer and fashionista about various fabrics styles, fabric weights, and fabric characteristics that can affect the final sewing garment. Students have the opportunity  to touch, feel and experiment with draping these fabrics and complete design exercises to get them thinking about fabric and what it does when sewing a garment. Techniques for measuring are discussed. Recommend incorporating  sewing a basic top or skirt sewing project. TECHNIQUE/SEWING/HANDS ON



Breakout session for students who have taken full day draping basics. This class covers tips on working with the bias feature of fabrics, demonstrations on bias draping, students replicating sample designs, and a discussion on sewing bias designs and unique techniques that need to be applied to garments sewn from the bias. TECHNIQUE/HANDS ON

Advanced Body Measuring


Single Bust, Waist, and Hip measurments are not enough to perfect the fit of a garment. Even standard pattern adjustments are not enough since every body is different. Join Designer Joi as she shares her exclusive techniques for  taking extensive measurements and applying them to commercial patterns or custom patterns and truly customize your sewing. Students will look at measuring and body proportion in a whole new way. LECTURE/DEMOS/VOLUNTEERS. Option for students to create a hands on pattern for thier own body.

Understanding Fusible Interfacings


Interfacings are the hidden component  whose results are visible in any fashion sewing project. You can engineer your fabric and change its characteristics simply by manipulating the inner structure. Through demos and samples, learn how to evaluate quality, preshrink, test weights and layer. Students will have the opportunity to try a Digital Quick Press and see how this workroom tool can make garments more professional looking. LECTURE/HANDS ON/DEMO

Fit for Plus Size

FIT FOR PLUS SIZE 2-4 hours:

Dress nice and have fashionable clothing that fits well regardless of size. Learn fitting and sewing tips for figure curves and body variations, what fabrics work well on a curvy body, evaluate current trends in fashion and apply patterns, colors  and fabrics in a fashionable way. LECTURE/ INTERACTIVE

Trendy Stretch Lace Bodice


Featured in SEW IT ALL and a feature class from the American Sewing Expo, create a stretch lace top with an attached scarf and open shoulder racer back design using a t-shirt as your pattern. Learn how to create lettuce edging on knits using a serger and see other garments created from stretch lace. Always fashionable  and attractive on any size, students will create their design from a high end  black stretch lace fashion fabric. Adds fun and fashion to any wardrobe. PROJECT/SERGER FEATURE

Elastic Bubble Skirt TM


Fun, unique and easy, The Elastic Bubble is a modern twist on the bubble skirt by Designer Joi. Eliminate four steps to the traditional bubble hem effect and simplify assembly with our special elastic technique. All ages and skill levels of sewer will enjoy this project and enjoy creating them over and over again for yourself, kids, gifts, and more. Feature Class at the CHA Craft Super Show in Chicago and featured in SEW IT ALL Magazine December 2011. PROJECT

Fashion Sketching

FASHION SKETCHING 101  2-4 hours:

I can’t draw! If you can render a stick figure you can learn some basic fashion illustration techniques to help bring your sewing to life. You will learn how to divide the body and create your own shapes, understand basic line and how to compose clothing shapes with these shapes and lines. Students will also enjoy  learning how to add marker and colored pencil to create a “real” fashion design. Sketching does take practice, but students will leave class with thier own samples and a foundation to allow them to bring thier ideas to life. Class Kit includes a croque book illustrated by Designer Joi. TECHNIQUE/HANDS ON/ LECTURE

Kids Fashion Camp


Inspired by Project Runway, younger sewers are eager to take fashion sewing and fashion design classes. Designer Joi brings her enthusiasim to this group and teaches design skills she uses in fashion design. Targeted to the younger sewer, camp might be a 2-hour single topic or an all day camp with various classes. Camp is customized to your group. Popular Lessons include: kids sketching, fabric characteristics, kids draping, design elements, trends in design and the popular Bubble Skirt TM sewn project. TECHNIQUE/HANDS ON

Fashion Projects

FASHION PROJECTS 1-2 hours each:

Customized to each event, Designer Joi teaches fun popular fashion projects such as making your own designer fabric, funky bow purse, NYC fashion scarves, Elastic Bubble TM, Trendy Lace Bodice,  and more. Projects are designed to be completed in shorter amounts of time and teach a simple technique that students can easily replicate while promoting sewing.  SEWING/HANDS ON

Garment Sewing/Fit Techniques


“How do you do that?” Students often request advice on specific sewing , pattern and fit techniques. If your group has a specific need request Joi will cater a class just for you.  SEWING/TECHNIQUE


  • Trends & Design
  • Designing for a Customer
  • Sewing/Design as a Business
  • Designer Bodice Sewing (Coming Soon)
  • and MORE…


Joi has a vast array of knowledge and this is only a sampling of her classes and not an all inclusive list.

When planning your event, Joi will offer you a selection that will fit your class needs.


Booking & Fees

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Class Features

Love of Fashion Classes by Designer Joi are not just your ordinary sewing/design class.


Joi has an animated and interactive aesthetic and is not someone who just stands up and reads a handout or teaches a boxed class.


You can expect a fun, entertaining, and involved learning environment packed with lots of information, personal stories & experience, and Joi teaches what she does each and every day in her studio with her own clients.


Each student recieves an exclusive Logo Tote Bag, Designer Joi tape measure and the popular “I was taught by Designer Joi” button.


Classes also include:

  • Full color handouts and/or booklets
  • Door prizes sponsored by industry suppliers
  • Stellar kits that include those difficult to find fabrics and notions and for draping classes
  • The coveted 1/2 scale professional draping form specially sourced for Joi’s classes


Appearances and class event locations include but are not limited to:


  • The American Sewing Expo
  • Baby Lock Tech
  • Baby Lock Dealerships Store Events
  • Fabric stores
  • Schools
  • Sewing guilds/Clubs
  • and more…

Marketing & Promotional

Full color 16×20 posters are available to advertise in your location as well as full color fliers and handouts to send with your group or customer.


Other marketing materials may be customized to your needs.

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