Promotional Materials

Full Color Promotional Material is available and customized for each class booking.

Materials include:

  • 16X20 Full Color Posters for each Individual Class Subject to promote in your location
  • 8X10 Full Color Handouts to provide to your customers, students and attendees (available in PDF to copy as necessary)
  • Promotional Tote Bags, Tape Measures, and Buttons
  • Door Prizes
  • Other Materials as needed

Promotional Materials are customized
with descriptions unique to your event, location, and class offerings.

Traveling Trunk Show

Baby Lock sponsored events may be eligible to receive my traveling trunk show which features a variety of designs, cohesive display mannequins, hand outs and large life size model cut outs. These are all excellent ways to inspire your market and enhance Joi’s presentation. You can also look at going to a brochure maker as part of your promotional materials to widen your net. Below is a small sampling of the designs in the trunk show.