Designer Joi Terms of Service

TERMS OF SERVICE &  PRIVACY POLICY for Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC  website use and online commerce. Applies also to anything DBA; Designer Joi, Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory and Designer Joi’s Sewing Holiday or any other product represented or created by Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC





These are the rules and policies for defining the business relationship between the user of this website; you as the guest, and the owner; Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC.


As a user, you agree to the rules of this website. If you do not follow the rules or misuse/misrepresent this site; you will be asked to leave.


All content on this site is meant to represent sewing, creative crafting ideas, the views and ideas of Dress Forms Design Studio, LL and be represented in a positive uplifting environment.


If there is something you do not like, agree with, or whatever please simply leave the site. Not all content can please everyone.




  • No posting of abusive or obscene comments to blog posts when commenting is allowed
  • No posting rude, crude or lude items, photos, remarks etc.
  • Spam is not permitted and if necessary, will be reported to proper authorities.
  • If you do not like, agree with or have an opinion on anything, it does not need to be stated. Simply excuse yourself from the website.
  • Sometimes we feature a product not sold or represented by Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC as a courtesy from other creators and designer friends. We may or may not receive compensation from these companies in the forms of product or money. This compensation is a courtesy to us for our time in reviewing a product, and taking the time to share with our sewing viewers.
  • No product will be featured that Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC does not use in studio or believes is a quality product.




  • We prohibit abusive, libelous, obscene, harassing content in any form.
  • If user is not following site rules you will be terminated from using the site. If user is abusing store rules or class rules you will be terminated from using. If warranted reporting to proper authorities will be the action taken.
  • We understand that we have ideas and teaching methods that may not be the preference of every one. Avoid slander when reviewing our site or commenting on our products. A cease and desist will be sent in the event slandering is detrimental to our creative business.




  • Custom garment orders are NON-REFUNDABLE due to the custom nature.
  • Product sales are NON-REFUNDABLE. Broken sewing notion items will be replaced. But you must contact the studio within 7 days of receipt of product.
  • Bolts of fabric are NON-REFUNDABLE. These are drop shipped from our supplier warehouse.
  • Dress Forms ordered from PGM are drop shipped from PGM Pros. Any issues with the quality of the dress form will be resolved between PGM and the customer.
  • If you have an issue with an order it needs to be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipt of product.
  • Not responsible for issues with products/brands/ companies possibly featured in our site, on our blog, etc. or those purchased through outside sources. Please contact the vendor directly for resolution.
  • Orders are processed through an outside payment source. Currently PayPal is our method of processing. We do NOT have or maintain access to your payment information.
  • You will receive a PayPal receipt for your purchase when shopping in our online store.  An additional notification will not be sent from our website. Of course, if you have a question you may contact the studio through the contact us on the website to check on an order. Orders can take up to 24 hours to show up in our system after PayPal processing. Orders are to be paid in full before filling. If contacting us about an order status;  Please allow up to 72 hours for a response especially over weekends and holidays.
  • In the event a product is NOT available or if there will be a delay we will contact you within 72 hours of order receipt. You may opt for a substitute, accept a back order or we will submit a refund.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue a product at any time.
  • We reserve the right to delay a product release if further development is needed. You will be notified if that is necessary and opt for back order or refund.
  • Perfect Pattern and Fit Club is processed on the website. The club is housed on Face Book. All policies on this website apply to club as do Face Book rules.




  • Pdf Patterns, digital videos or any virtual product is downloaded at the time of purchase. If you are having issues finding your product check your spam, junk mail or download files. They are usually downloaded to your computer there. Please check all folders on your computer before you contact the studio for assistance. Please allow up to 72 hours response time on digital customer support. You may be required to provide your sales date and order number.
  • All PDF patterns are designed custom in studio and made especially for Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC. We own the copyright of all of our designs. While at times inspiration may be taken from trending products and designs in the sewing industry, you can be assured that we make our own patterns completely and ALWAYS!




  • Specific class info will be listed in class descriptions on the website.
  • Classes are NON- REFUNDABLE no exceptions. Class planning is based on registration,  and is similar to purchasing an event ticket at common venues such as Opera, college/pro football and other events that are non-refundable. However, registration is transferrable. You are welcome to sell your ticket to someone in the case that you cannot attend. Please contact the studio if this will happen as kit sizes and other class selections may need to be adjusted. If you register for a class and then an event comes up that causes you to not be able to attend a refund will NOT be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS. Check your schedules before registering.  However, if we have a waiting list for a class, we would be happy to help you sell your spot to someone in the waiting list.
  • In the event  a class cannot occur due to sickness, weather or the instructor not being able to make it to the studio or other reasons out of our control, your registration will be transferred to another event per your approval or refunded. We are NOT able to compensate you for lost travel expenses incurred.
  • Confirm you are registered for a class prior to incurring any personal expense to attending an event such as airfare, hotel et… or anything non-refundable. 




  • See specific contests for individual rules
  • As a general rule, prizes may be substituted by sponsors at any time.
  • You are NOT guaranteed a prize just because you enter a contest or enter a survey.
  • If you enter a contest your contact info is solely used for shipping prizes, selecting a winner and info provided will be used as specified in each individual contest.
  • The only time your name, email and address would be shared is for a sponsor to ship a prize. We do NOT share contest mailing lists.




  • The studio ships once a week. We are NOT Amazon and cannot accommodate next day or two- day shipping unless you contact us directly. If you have an urgent need please contact us directly through the contact us and we will work with you on expedited shipping or special requests.
  • Most packages are shipped UPS Ground or USPS. Please allow for in transit times.
  • Lost packages. Allow for two weeks from order to delivery.




  • Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC does not want your data. We do NOT keep any data on file other than your email address which is housed in Mail Chimp for our newsletter. Dress Forms is not responsible for any issues incurred with Mail Chimp. When you purchase a product a print out is made with your mailing address. Once shipped we do NOT keep your address.
  • If you have emailed us your email address it is housed in our contact list. We ONLY use emails for sending out newsletters and client communications. We do NOT share your email or info with any entity.
  • We do NOT keep any payment info on hand and have no means to do so. Payments are made through an outside payment processing of PayPal. Phone orders are processed through Square and we do NOT keep your payment numbers.
  • Dress Forms is not responsible for data issues incurred from PayPal and Square as they are outside sources.
  • We do NOT keep your buying history on this site.
  • We Can look up previous purchases in the PayPal platform, but only items purchased and no payment information.
  • We work with our website companies to keep data protection current and safe to the best of our ability.




  • All content including photography, blog posts, patterns, tutorials, concepts, original artwork, logos, and other content on this site are property of Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC. Copying content is stealing. Proper legal action will be taken if necessary.  If you want to use something from the site, please contact us for expressed written permission.
  • If you see our content on other sites please let us know.
  • All PDF patterns are designed custom in studio and made especially for Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC. We own the copyright of all of our designs. While at times inspiration may be taken from trending products and designs in the sewing industry, you can be assured that we make our own patterns completely and ALWAYS!
  • PDF patterns are property of Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC. PDF downloads are meant for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR CLASSROOM USE. If you want to use something in a class setting, please inquire about a site license or permission. Please respect our creativity, the work invested in creating our products and the integrity of the creative community.




  • Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC is not liable for:
    • Data breech on third party sites such as PayPal, Vimeo, Mail Chip and others. 
    • Not responsible for content practices on other sites.
    • Not responsible for issues with products that you purchase from outside vendors that may be featured in our blog or website.
    • If a contest or poll is held on the website; not responsible for misunderstanding of info/ deadlines, protocol of participants. Participating in these are voluntary.  See Prizes and Give aways for more.
    • Other expenses users incur in attending live studio events outside of class registration.
    • Expenses other than registration fees that users incur in the rare event a class is cancelled or the user has a conflict and cannot attend.
    • Injury incurred by any item purchased from the website store.
    • If you have a dispute it will be moderated in the state of IOWA where Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC is located. Always contact the studio first for resolution.




  • If you have questions regarding our policy or site, please contact us through the contact us page on the website.