The Rest of the Story, A Memoir of Faith, Family and Friends

The first time I met Nancy was at a Baby Lock Convention. She was so gracious and genuine. The first class I taught at a corporate convention she came and participated. I was so nervous having Nancy in the front row, but she was so kind and supportive seeing who this newbie in the public side of the industry was. Throughout the years I had several opportunities to meet with Nancy especially at Baby Lock events and conventions.


When I started my Sewing Holiday event five years ago Nancy was so supportive and agreed to be my feature speaker to kick off this new event in the industry. I remember prior to the events taking her classes at Baby Lock’s Corporate convention on how to hold successful sewing classes. She is pretty much the go to person for what works best. After class she spent time with me giving me tips for success and genuine support. When I launched my event the week after we announced that registration was open she had to pull out due to health reasons, but she was always so kind in how she handled business situations.


Nancy gave a wonderful talk to our small group at Common Threads in June of 2017. My last conversations with her was over Skype in July of 2017 when she took the time to listen to a product I was working on and gave me some advice on ways to make it come to life. I can pretty much remember it like it was yesterday and what I really remember is her genuine interest and her interest in seeing others succeed. That is not something you find throughout the industry. I look up to how she was as a person and how she treated others.


This Spring (May 2018) I had the honor of teaching at Nancy’s Sewing weekend. I felt like her spirit was there and what a legacy she has. I went over to Nancy Zieman Productions and Deanna gave me a tour of Nancy’s office and I had the opportunity to see her first sewing machine and some of her beautiful landscape quilts. Nancy was very humble. I don’t think she would want us to idolize her, but she can be proud that she left a legacy of a genuine person that we all can look up to and use as a quality example in a society that does not always have that in mind.


It is my honor to be a part of this blog tour. In honor of Nancy and in conjunction with the release of the book Nancy Zieman The Rest of the Story.  I will also be complimenting this post with a special feature during my weekly  FB live event on Thursday October 18, 2018 on Designer Joi Mahon FB page (click link below).


Learn about how I met Nancy, what she meant to me and my daughter…


My FB live is October 18th, 2018 on the Designer Joi Mahon FB Page. I am giving away a copy of this book.

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Nancy always commented on my white glasses and when I got new one’s she said she missed them. This photo was taken at one of the Earlier Baby Lock Common Thread events. I had the opportunity to have a discussion with her about her favorite sewing projects and landscape quilting. I truly enjoyed being have to have these informal conversations with Nancy.

I did a fashion show for Baby Lock’s Convention and I started designing these Sewing Machine Dresses. Nancy was a guest in attendance and she came up to me and was just very genuinely interested and complementary.

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