2013 My visit to Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion


I am super excited to have been invited to teach at this years 2013 Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. It is a huge honor to be teaching with so many high caliber teachers, and we will be celebrating Martha's 70th Birthday!  Martha is such a huge inspiration to so many in the sewing world, her skills are amazing (no matter what your sewing interest you can learn so much from her), I love her colorful SEW BEAUTIFUL magazine and I have looked up to her since I was in high school. Most importantly, Martha is a Godly lady and I aspire to be as good of an example as she is. I see the inspiring devotionals she writes and I wonder if I could ever be that eloquent in sharing my faith in conjunction with my passion of sewing. I hope I can!  That being said I am SUPER excited to meet her in person.

 Now many of you recognize her heavenly heirloom creations that are candy for the eye. Even if you do not heirloom sew, you can gain so many ideas for fabric texturizing, uses of your sewing machine feet, combinations of yummy fabrics, and sew much more. I am one who is always eager to learn, and inspiration and skill can come from so many places outside each individuals personal interest. So I challenge each and everyone of you to take a class you have never taken before, try something you might not normally sew, think outside the box in your sewing. THAT my friends is how you grow. If you limit your learning experience you limit what you know. I know I plan to learn a new skill while I am at Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion.



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