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It’s National Get to Know your Customer Day, and I like to think of it more like getting to know my sewing family day. I have prepared a few questions for you and would love it if you would take time to share with others, and forward this along to your sewing friends too. I will also share my answers below for you to enjoy.


  • 1. How long have you been sewing?


  • 2. How did you get started Sewing?


  • 3. What was your first sewing project?


  • 4. What has been your favorite sewing project?


  • 5. What was your biggest sewing project fail?


Joi's Answers to the questions

I have been sewing for over 35 years which seems hard to believe, and have been sewing professionally for pay for 25. I started sewing when I was very young when I would go to my grandmothers and make up patterns and sew from her fabric stash. I just recently inherited all her tools and notions which is pretty special. My first project was making Barbie clothes from patterned socks. They made great dresses, but I also remember making a doll and not knowing how to stuff the neck and join the body to the head so I sewed them both shut and then sewed them together. The doll had a very floppy neck. I think my mom still has that doll in a box somewhere so I should look for it. I love a lot of my designs so I don’tr really have a favorite that I can think of. That is a hard question. There are a lot of memories tied to many of my designs and they are all different. I think I have more favorite memories of sewing at my grandparents farm and tailoring apprentice in high school. Lastly, my biggest fail I think was a dress I designed in high school for 4-H . I tended to try to come up with unique and unusual and the judges liked cotton printed dresses with hand sewn hems- which was quite boring to me. So I actually got a white ribbon on a project which is like wearing the letter A to a 4-Her and it was all because she did not like my style. Now that I get to judge 4-H I never take my personal preference to the table in order to judge on true merit LOL!

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  • AmyInNH

    12.12.2016 at 03:50 Reply

    Wow, everyone’s shy!
    My neighbor made all of her own clothes and I wanted to learn how. I was 8, and my neighbor picked out a white swiss dot fabric for a dress with bell sleeves and blue ribbon sash. We worked on it in her spare time (she had 2 toddlers). It came out great, but it took us so long, I’d grown and it didn’t fit.
    Next up was sewing as part of “Home Ec” in junior high. Pattern, fabric, cut, sew with stitch length set to 12 stitches per inch. No fitting, just cut and sew. Easy peasy smock.
    Better Homes and Gardens, Storm At Sea quilt, just had to go at it. Came out great. Got a sewing machine for Christmas and off I went, back into trying clothes.
    I can honestly say, though I’ve tried a few things here and there, I’ve never been happy with anything I’ve sewn for clothing.
    I’m now so irritated by it, I’ve been engineering a solution for a custom dress form and hope to produce them.

    • joi

      13.12.2016 at 18:15 Reply

      YOu need to come take a fitting class with me. I hate to self promote, but I hear that all the time and people take all the classes and books with no satisfaction. It’s because they learn the wrong thing. Anyway, stay in touch if you are working on any new fitting projects. YOu can always email me photos and I print them off, diagram them and email them back to you and my students really enjoy that.

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