Why Custom Design?

The Complete Couture Experience for your Special Event


  • Joi is a master of fit and design – perfect fit, beautiful construction, high end look and details. A memorable experience.
  • You are involved in the decision making process from fabric selection, style and price range including the delivery date.
  • Each gown is available in an unlimited selection of colors & fabrics. All sizes are accommodated because each design is drafted to each individual’s measurements.
  • View your dress and try it on in sample form before it is cut from the actual fashion fabric. You know what it will look like when finished.
  • No additional charges for alterations, shipping, length or size.
  • Personalized, friendly service makes it a fun and rewarding experience to design your own gown and get the dress you’ve always dreamed of.



Many other benefits will be discussed during your design consultation. 



A New York fashion design experience for everyone!

Designer Joi - Custom Design - Dress2

For custom designer garments, Designer Joi works individually with local clients, those who choose to travel to utilize her services and expertise as well as clients all over the country who work long distance with her guaranteed out of studio process.

Custom designs are drafted to your measurements, body type and proportions. High quality fabrics, Joi’s exclusive measuring and drafting process and assembly techniques are key to successful designs, and one of the differences her designer gowns have to offer.

Designer Joi - Custom Design - Olive

All of the fabric in her gowns are specially ordered from companies that supply many leading designers and other high end sources. Joi strives for quality, creativity, her eye-catching aesthetic and listens to your ideas so the planning and selection of your design is an enjoyable and memorable experience.