Describing My Design Services

I am so passionate about my design business and truly have never worked a day in my life. I love anything related to designing apparel and sewn products.  My official  job title is  FASHION ENTREPRENEUR! Some people think I just love to sew, but those that REALLY know me understand that I am a serious business minded designer.  Fashion design isn't just about people who like to shop and buy clothing. Fashion Design is actually a very complex industry, after all you are developing a product.  I take all of my endeavors seriously and put everything into each project. Here is an overview in random order of what I do:

1.Custom Designer:  I design and  work with individual clients to create my one of a kind eye-catching designs. Designs might be wedding dresses, event dresses, tailored suits, kids designs, competition dance costumes to name a few. Design is very collaborative so I incorporate my design experience and aesthetic with the ideas and needs of my clients. A good designer will do this and not just push a style onto a client. Seeing individuals in your creations is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

2.  Educator: I have the privilege of traveling all around the country teaching others design and sewing techniques at sewing expos, conventions, sewing guildes, fashion schools and brick and mortar stores. Anyone that teaches can attest that you often learn a lot from your students and that is the best perk of teaching.Recently I learned a cool pinning technique from a student who sews covers for helicopters. How cool is that?  I am also blessed to be sponsored by the best Sewing Machine Company Baby Lock USA. They are so innovative, supportive and open to my ideas and Programs.

3. Patent Owner: I own an official US Patent on a functional apparel item that I am working to license in the market place. It is a long process and I enjoy the challenges of this type of product development. I can definitely attest to anything worth doing takes time, patience and there are no overnight successes. Success happens when all the puzzle pieces come together at the right time, and you cannot force something if the time is not right.

4. Freelance Consultant: I work with start up companies and existing companies  to design samples and prototypes for their sewn products. This is more of a technical service and requires long term planning and development. Right now I have a major firm that I am creating pattern work in multiple sizes, technical specs, evaluating design details, and working with the factory in China to perfect all the samples before full production. These garments will be sold in several well known mass- retailers Fall 2012. More to come . . .

5. Pattern Maker: Many of my services entail creating pattern work. These patterns might be for an consulting project for mass production, a designer that does not have the skills to create patterns for thier ideas (limited service) and developing my own pattern line. Right now I have some proposals out for developing some of my patterns and will be excited to see where that leads.

5. Other: I teach kids to sew locally and at sewing camps, I write articles about sewing business for a trade publication as well as project and technique articles for Consumer Publications such as Sew News and Sew It All, I design eye-catching garments for marketing campaigns and pretty much anything else that I can attach my creativity to. I create patterns, sketch and sew almost every day. I LOVE IT!!! 


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