Designer Joi ASE Half Scale Challenge

PGM Half Scale Dress Forms available to order through Designer Joi.


This challenge is currently closed, but view all the beautiful designs in the gallery 

DOWNLOAD RULES- currently closed

FREE! Half scale Basic Sloper Patterns

Note: the fit may vary due to various dress form sizes. This is a guide and starting point for your pattern, however you are not required to use these.

FREE!  Half scale Croquie Download

Designer Joi - Half Scale Challenge - Croquie

This croquie is for drawing your design ideas. Place a piece of paper over the croquie and sketch your design ideas. Click the image to download the PDF, and print off as many as you like for use in your person designs.

Designer Joi’s Plaid Draped Half Scale

Desginer Joi’s Fashion Icon Barbie Half Scale Design

Designer Joi’s Half Scale Vionett Design