Fast Track Fitting IN THE DETAILS my new class


I am excited to share that the success of my first fitting class on Craftsy, Fast Track Fitting, has led to a great follow up class. Fast Track Fitting In the Details is a stand alone class, but is a great follow up to those of you who have taken my first class. It provides all those tips and tricks that we could not include in my first class and kind of fills in the gaps and answers a lot of my commonly asked questions. It is also a great intro class to my methods of fit for those who have not taken my first class. It has been exciting to see student results and and all their successes providing real, accessible, efficient methods for fitting  rather than old school methods which take so much time, energy and lack complete results. Stay tuned becasue I have a pattern line and a book coming out later this year that will complement my methods. So join me in Fast Track Fitting In the Details and learn some tricks to perfect your garment sewing.





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