All About Joi

Designer Joi Mahon is a true fashion entrepreneur. She is an experienced and award winning Designer, published author, educator, pattern designer, stylist and expert in fit with a Degree in Fashion Design from Iowa State University.


Joi provides a variety of services to the fashion industry, home sewing industry, and works one-on-one with custom clients in her private studio creating eye-catching designs as well as creating couture designs for clients all over the US.


Industry Services include pattern-making, design, prototype development, pattern writing, article writing, illustrations, creative marketing concepts and other freelance services. She currently writes a creative column for SQE Professional Trade Publication, owns a US Patent on an apparel item being licensed for mass market and is the National Spokes-Designer for the Love of Fashion Program sponsored by Baby Lock USA.


Joi is a member of the IPCA (Independent Pattern Company Alliance), NSC (National Sewing Council), SEA (Sewing Educator Alliance), ASDP (Association of Sewing and Design Professionals) and ISU Textile Industry Advisory Board.


Designer Joi is a proud sponsor of Spirit of Women Runway Review and American Heart Association Charity Heart Ball, National 4-H Fashion Review, ASE, Designer Joi Half Scale Challenge, and Baby Lock Love of Fashion Programs.

“I truly believe my skills and talents are a gift from God. I have been designing and sewing since I was six years old and professionally since I was 15, and feel so blessed to be doing something that I LOVE sew much and that I have been given this talent to utilize to HIS glory. I hope I do it justice as I take this responsibility very seriously!”

– Designer Joi