Kraft-tex Blog Hop

If you tuned into my Facebook Live last week, then you saw the sew-along project that I made with the help of the book Sew Kraft-tex Bags by Betsy LaHonta & Gailen Runge. If you missed it – don’t worry! – you can catch the replay on my Designer Joi Mahon Facebook Page.


Kraft-tex is a durable fabric alternative made from a leather-like type of paper. It’s vegan-friendly, machine washable, ironable (on a low cotton setting), and easy to sew. It also comes in a wide variety of colors! It’s not a garment fabric, but you can make a lot of other things, including the bags from the book.


You can also embroider with it, but it’s best to use longer stitches because the fabric does perforate. Stamping, printing, and embossing are all possible with Kraft-tex, and you can even use acrylic paints and adhesives on it.


I had never used Kraft-tex before this project, but I was impressed with the versatility of it, and how easily I could sew with it. There’s a crumpling trick you can do with Kraft-tex that reminded me of a school project I did long ago, so make sure to check out that Facebook Live from March 7th to hear that story!


I do a Facebook Live every Thursday afternoon at 1 pm CST, where I talk about all things sewing. We do sew-alongs, mini-lessons, and even some giveaways! We would love to see you there!

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