BLOG #5: Bonus Feature – Shrug Sewing Instructions

Watch my companion video to see the complete step by step instructions for sewing the dress along with lots of my sewing tips and tricks.


The shrug for this dress was actually an afterthought. I had some extra fabric and thought that it is always nice to have something to cover up the arms.  Here is a breakdown of the steps for creating the shrug. We will be mirroring the sewing tips and tricks I used to assemble the dress including the quilted lining.


•  Use ½” seam allowance


•  Print off Downloadable PDF Pattern (link below)


•  Always make a quick muslin fit sample to test the fit, scale ad proportion. This pattern is minimal and that is a quick up front time saving step


•  Create using fabric scraps or approximately ¾ yard fashion fabric and ½ yard lining


•  Appropriate for most fabrics


•  Press after each step


This shrug pattern is fairy generic in size and can easily be made bigger or smaller by extending or reducing the shoulder and side seams. To cover more of your body and widen the pattern simply extend the outer edge your desired amount. A quick muslin fit sample will help you visualize any changes. The sleeve is bias cut so it stretches. When fitting your muslin do NOT attach the sleeve. Check that the armhole is wide enough for your arm and widen the armhole if necessary. If you do that you can then add to the underarm seam of the sleeve to make it bigger. Pin the muslin sleeve to the armhole to check the fit. This bias sleeve measurement will match the measurement of the armhole exactly. I made it super easy to sew.


1: Cut out your pattern piece which include (2) fronts, (1) back on fold, and (2) bias sleeves of the fashion fabric.

2: Cut from the lining fabric and garment flannel; (2) fronts, and (2 back). You do not need a sleeve for the lining.

3: Quilt the lining pieces by attaching garment flannel to the back of each front and back lining piece. Use the Guide Line Marker to add rows of perfect parallel quilting stitches. This will hold the layers together, add texture, add durability and creates a foundation for the fashion fabric to rest on. It is still very thin and comfortable.

4: Sew the Bodice front pieces to the back at the shoulder seams and side seams using right sides together. Repeat on the lining.

5: Place the lining on the fabric right sides together matching shoulder and side seams, and sew all around the outer edge. Turn Inside out and under stitch the seam allowance to the lining. Baste the armhole opening to the lining.

6: Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise, right sides together sew the underarm seam.

7: Fold the sleeve in half wrong sides together matching raw edges and baste across the top.

8: Insert the sleeve into the armhole matching shoulder point and underarm seam. This is NOT a traditional sleeve shape. It is cut more rectangle and on the bias for ease of assembly.

9: Serge the armhole seam to finish or better yet, cover the seam allowance with a bias binding made from left over lining fabric or use prepurchased bias tape. This is a lovely and easy finish.

This is a great design to accent any ensemble and add interest to your sewing. Even if you are not a garment sewer this would still be ideal for quilters, crafter sewers and others. Create the shrug from any fabric and share your designs with me on my FB page.


Join me tomorrow as I share how I created the layered embroidery to complete my dress. You will love this technique and will want to apply it to other sewing projects.

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