BLOG #6: Finishing Touches – How to Make Machine Embroidery Lace

Watch my companion video for these lacy finishing touches.


The key to an eye-catching design is all in the details. It does not have to be complicated to look difficult and sometimes simple designs can feature creative embellishments created right on our own sewing machines.


One of my favorite added details is making my own embroidered lace. You can certainly purchase lace appliques, but you are limited to what colors, sizes and styles are available. When you make your own lace you literally have thousands of combinations to choose from for a complete custom look.


The supplies needed include: Dissolve Away Stabilizer, Thread and the design.


STEP 1: Hoop your Stabilizer.

STEP 2: Set up the design on your machine.

To Prepare your machine to Embroidery do the following

– Take off the Shank
– Attach the embroidery foot and plug into the back
– Turn the machine off and attach the embroidery unit
– Turn the machine on and go to your embroidery setting
– Hoop your fabric and lock the hoop to the embroidery unit
– Thread your machine and begin

(Reference your own machine manual for specific set up)

STEP 3: Place Hoop in the Machine and lock the frame. Set up your design and begin stitching. My design includes 3 different flowers to make a layered effect.

STEP 4: Remove Design from the Hoop and cut around each piece to remove the bulk of the excess stabilizer.

STEP 5: Soak design in warm water for a few minutes. Remove from water and let dry on a towel.

STEP 6: Press flat with warm iron. You can apply stiffener if you want a crisper look.

STEP 7: Layer the pieces and attach to your garment.

It’s that easy!

Other Ideas:

  • Design your own patterns using the IQ Designer
  • Embroider directly on the garment for a flat look
  • Create Applique so you can place them in hard to reach areas
  • Apply beads and crystals for specialty garments
  • There is no limit to what you can create

Join me next week for a very special keepsake project that everyone will enjoy making. In the meantime, tomorrow I will be sharing a bloopers video and join me on Facebook Live at Noon central time to discuss the challenge. You can ask me questions too.

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