BLOG 7: Joi’s Fashionable Keepsake Fabric Collage

Watch my companion video to see the complete step by step instructions for this keepsake, with help from some special guests!

Thank you for joining me during my Baby Lock Love of Sewing week. I had so much fun planning these projects for you. I hope you are inspired to sew and have learned at least one new tip. If you have please share and let me know. I wanted to end my week with a very special keepsake project that everyone will love no matter what your sewing interest.


I designed this fun collage that you can display in your own sewing studio.  Our collage features a fashion sketch that I created just for you, fabric scraps from your project, machine stitching and you can even use your guideline marker if you have that feature on your machine.


• 11×14 cardboard photo matte

• (1) 8×10 piece of contrasting art paper

• Joi’s Downloadable sketches printed off

• Fabric Scraps (one slightly larger than 11×14 and one 5×7)

• Art Markers

• Thread

• A decorative picture frame without glass


Step 1. Cover the matte with scrap fabric slightly larger than 11×14. Glue or tape to the back.

Step 2. Print off the downloadable fashion sketch and the I Love Sewing font from Trim off excess white paper around the sketches (this can be done at the end)

Step 3. Color Your sketch.

3a. Color the bow.

3b. color hair using a lighter color then accent with a darker hair color. Select accent color for the shoes.

3c. Color skin areas with a lighter and the darker accent color.

3d. color the bodice of the sketch.

(For more fashion sketching and coloring ideas check out Designer Joi’s Fashion Sewing Workshop Book for a full chapter on Joi’s techniques)

Step 4. Cut an approximate 5×7 rectangle of fabric for 3D skirt. I sewed smaller strips together to match my design. Sew a row of wide basting stitch across the top. I also turned under my edges 1/4”.

Step 5. Place sketch on 8×10 accent art paper and topstitch around using accent thread. You can use your guideline marker here and the edge of the paper for perfect placement.

Step 6. Back the I Love Sewing message with accent paper and topstitch together.

Step 7. Place the Text next to the fashion sketch and topstitch together.

(You can add stitching wherever you like and use whatever stitch you want)


Step 8. Attach skirt to sketch by sewing across top of skirt onto the fashion sketch.

Step 9. Glue covered matte into the decorative frame.

Step 10. Glue your collage to the matte and display in your sewing studio. ENJOY!

You can make this collage with quilt squares or other items for any sewing interest. Check out my companion video to see how I taught this project to some very special guests (they are pretty adorable).


If you make your own collage, please post a photo on this blog and my Designer Joi Mahon Facebook Page.

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