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Last year we debuted the ASE/Designer Joi Fashion in Half Scale Competition at the American Sewing Expo. In reality we were working on this years in advance so it is exciting to see the amazing response from our contestants so far. Since I have been teaching half scale draping for many years is just seemed the thing to do. Plus, I have wanted to provide a fun competition where the rules were not so strict and it was more about encouraging people to be creative and interpret the theme according to their, well interpretation. I also work with some amazing sponsors in our industry and I wanted to share some of their generosity with participants.

The theme of the first annual challenge is Fashion Icons Through the Ages. A fashion icon can be someone recognizable such as Dior and Chanel, to a historical figure like Joan of Arc to your next door neighbor or a friend. You just need to select someone who has their own sense of fashion. On the entry form there is space for a few short sentences describing your inspiration.

To participate go to and register and fill out a very brief application. There is an entry fee of $100. This pays for part of your half scale form (retail value $200) that is yours to keep. What we provide for you is part of the cost of your form, a high definition Sew-a-long lesson with yours truly that you can access at any time, your design will be on display at the American Sewing Expo this year (need to be present to participate or win), PRIZES, press, exposure of your work, prizes, prizes, Pphotography of your work, and a few selected pieces can travel in my trunk show to further be on display in 2015, oh and did I say prizes?

I love prizes and I love giving stuff away. I really want this to be a fun competition, I want it to be less about rules, and more an exercise in design and creativity. There will be a variety of industry people judging and each picking winners for different categories and different reasons.

Not creative? Don’t worry! No time? Don’t worry! In my sew-a-long videos I show you how to select a fashion icon, how to make inspiration boards, how to do basic sketching, basic draping and all sorts of fun stuff to get you moving in the creative direction. This is broken down into 4 lessons that you can also do in smaller increments. I recommend taking one day a week for 1 hour and dedicate it to working on your design. Some people will be elaborate and some people will have very simple designs. The idea is to be who you are as a sewer and creative person.

You still have plenty of time complete your design. Entries are due at the American Sewing Expo office August 1st. Go to for more information and to register.

Don’t miss out!

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