My CRAFTSY class

I teach fit all over the US and I hear the same issues with what has always been taught. I joke about 101 ways to alter a bust dart. Sewers read every fit book, watch every video, but still have major issues with fitting their garments. Imagine if you had a sheet of paper and you took horizontal and vertical measurements of your body and plotted them out. Now if you held that paper up to your body it would correspond to points on your body. Commercial patterns are not custom. So when you hold them up to your body, quite possibly points on the pattern do not match points on your body thus you have fit issues before you even get started and no one addresses this. Now some points might, but not all and certainly not left to right, top to bottom and front to back. Most people are a variety of pattern sizes all around. So I teach a method I use in my studio all the time. I have a lot of dress forms that I drape patterns to, but I don't have every single size. So after I make a pattern I apply body measurements of my customers to the pattern and increase or decrease only in the areas that need it scaling it to them. Traditional methods have you adjust patterns evenly all around and rarely address lots of vertical areas, but that may NOT be where it is needed. I am so passionate about my methods because they totally work, they are easy and relatable, and apply to any skill level, any size, and any pattern. I invite you to join my CRAFTSY (see link in upper right corner) and revolutionize your sewing and fit. Plus, I am working on a book due out next year so you have even more real solutions to look forward to.

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