My History with Baby Lock


The summer of my freshman year in High School I was working as an assistant to a tailor, and I saved all my money to buy a serger.  I knew I wanted to put a professional finish on the inside of my garments. After looking, I selected a Baby Lock BLSE200 Special Edition because it was one of the top of the line sergers of the time. This was my first Baby Lock machine (foreshadowing for the future). Baby Lock sergers still cannot be beat!  I think I paid around $600-700 at the time which was a LOT for a 9th grader. I of course, had my priorities right!

Fast forward through studying Fashion Design, starting my own Business, and come to 2009; all my clients are encouraging me to apply for Project Runway. This of course would be fun, but I couldn't drop everything to enter and I am not huge fan of  what goes on behind the scenes of reality TV. I was encouraged to enter the American Sewing Expo Passion For Fashion Design Competition. This is similar to  a single episode of PR. Baby Lock was a sponsor. I won. Late,r Baby Lock was looking for a designer to host an event at the 2010 Craft Super Show in Anaheim, CA, and wanted to appeal to the younger sewing demographic. They sponsored me to teach  and I had the opportunity to present some of my ideas of where fashion sewing is going to the President of Baby Lock, Steve Jeffery. The Love of Fashion Program was born, and I now teach sponsored by Baby Lock.  Baby Lock is open to new ideas, and  I love that about them because I am a bit of an idea person and when I know something will work I like to make it happen.

Since the development of Love of Fashion, I have had the opportunity to teach Baby Lock dealers at Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis, represent Baby Lock at Sewing Expos, CHA shows, Conventions, fabric stores and sewing machine Dealerships. I sew on my top of the line Baby Lock Ellisimo almost everyday, use the Baby Lock A-Line Audrey machines in my kids sewing camps, and have a  top of the line Baby Lock Evolution serger as well. By the way, almost 20 years later I still have that BLSE200 Special Edition that I bought in high school. It still works and puts the best narrow rolled edging on all of my thousands of yards of netting that I sew through each year.



  • Theresa Berna

    11.12.2016 at 13:02

    I bought my first serger this summer. It is also a BabyLock SE200. I spent two full days learning how to thread it and adjusting tension. Are there any additional feet that you can use with this model? I have tried to find information on the internet about this model but it is either scarce, hard to find, or non-existent :). On another note, I am a teacher and I would love to start a sewing club at my school (high school), you seem to be very resourceful!!! Do you have any advice, resources, or suggestions? Smiles!!!!!!

    • joi

      13.12.2016 at 18:22

      Awesome a NEW serger!!! Contact Baby Lock Tacony directly and they should be able to email you some info. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with you starting a Sewing Club at your school. I work with some local schools, they use my book Fashion Sewing WOrkshop and it is really a great tool for learning foundational skills. I really love working with you. Where are you located? As for suggestions it has to be modern. If it is grandma’s sewing project, or if you do the sewing from a pattern and it does not fit they loose interest. They want results, but they want it to work too. Use modern fabrics, like if (making this up) but like if bows and dogs are popular than you need to incorporate that in the project. You can start with crafty things like pillows but kids like clothing. Have a mock fashion show, at our one high school they do a cumulative project making story boards, they do an easy sew project and make a display in the main entry area. You can offer a prize, have industry people come talk, and interestingly I start with our schools doing fashion sketching. That by far is my number one class for schools and I give them a nice folder with professional markers, I give them copies of croquie etc. and it is really great. DO keep me posted. I love supporting schools.

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