My McCall Pattern Debut

NEXT WEEK . . . . My first McCall Patterns debut next week Hurray I am so excited for these. My patterns will feature my exclusive markings like my Bust Curve and Apex adjustment areas, Vertical Bustline segments as well as others. You have asked and I have delivered what you want in a pattern for markings as well as a special pattern instruction sheet with some of my key tips and tricks. Remember a pattern is not perfect fit. It is a starting point for any sewing project. Most sewing teachers just don’t teach this correctly and sewers need to know how to use a pattern correctly (I hope to add a pot on this in the near future). If you have may book, watch my Craftsy classes and use my patterns you have the tools you need for success. Ok that sounds like a total self promotion which it is not meant to be. I just see over and over sewers looking or real solutions and I am so passionate and enjoy teaching others skills they can be successful with. Coming later this fall . . . my new website will have interactive lessons and tips related to each and everyone of my designs. That should be out around the holidays. Speaking of holidays . . . You will LOVE my Holiday design that will be in the Winter Catalog out in October at a store near you or online. More to come with the designs . . . and watch for a special contest . . . Oh I love contests and I LOVE giving away prizes . . .

M7025 Coat (two lengths- for all my coat fans)
M7017 4 piece skirt/top ensemble (I LOVE the stripe shirt with tie what a great design to create the perfect proportion, ease sewing, many options and more . .)
M7025  8x10 size coat
M7017 view B
M7017 5x7 size
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