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My name is Joi Mahon aka Designer Joi®. I am a fashion entrepreneur and founder of Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC, author of Create the Perfect Fit and Designer Joi’s Fashion Sewing Workshop, McCall Licensed Pattern Designer, Craftsy instructor, clothing patent owner, sewing product developer, Baby Lock spokes designer and creator of the Perfect Fit Blog.


My goal with this blog is to convey REAL sewing and fitting solutions to my students while having fun along the way. I have a degree in Fashion Design, but my fitting advice stems from my God given talent which I am thankful for everyday and over 24 years fitting real people in a business not hobby setting. I don’t read fit books and re-teach outdated fit methods (the reason a majority of sewers are still seeking the perfect fit), instead I teach what really works for the individual body based on my personal experience and real life fitting situations as well as approaching fit with the modern body in mind. I wish I had kept a book of everyone I have fitted throughout my career, but it is in the thousands.


I actually have been fighting the urge to do a blog for a few years. People are busy and there are so many blogs out there on so many sewing topics that I did not want to reinvent the wheel, but not all advice out there is good advice either. That is where my fitting advice comes into the picture. No one is addressing Modern Fit. Sure new books and classes pop up but they are reiterating the same stuff. Prime example: Full Bust Adjustments! You will have to wait for a future post for me to discuss that one. I have some pretty strong convictions when it comes to fitting garments with the heart, genuine passion and good intentions to help others have the success in their sewing and fitting. I also have some non-traditional solutions for obtaining a perfect fit which I have used successfully with thousands of students and customers. I am less worried about copying or doing what the main stream is doing and instead my focus is on Real Life Solutions that get the job done. We are busy and after all isn’t that the goal!


Fit is individual, not generic and certainly not textbook. Welcome to the Perfect Fit Blog and look forward to in depth discussions on modern fitting issues, real life solutions, discussions on the how and why dynamics of fit,  special features of real life people and real life examples, answers to your questions and more. We will stay on task in this blog and avoid non-related discussion which takes time away from what is important.

Steam Fast Home and Away Iron

35” 45” 60” and 120” wide Cotton Muslin by the Bolt

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