Super Sew Weekend: Hut. Hut. Hut. Fit. Fit. Fit.


Ok Fitting & Sewing Team, are you pumped about what you are going to sew  or learn this weekend? I want to encourage everyone to do at least one of the following things this weekend and we will even offer a fun prize:


  • Sew something


  • Learn a new technique from this blog



  • Watch a sewing or design related movie




  • Tell 5 friends about this blog and FB page


  • Why not share something related to sewing that you see in the Super Bowl


This is an informal and fun way to get you excited about sewing. We only ask that you post a reply to this blog post telling us what you learned, saw or shared by Midnight (Central Time) on Sunday, and we will draw one lucky winner to receive . . .


Ok are you ready . . .


A Designer Joi’s Ultimate Pressing Tool Chubby Board!!


It is simple:


  • You can enter as many times as you like…
  • …but each entry has to be different and genuine.
  • Judges selection is final
  • No purchase required
  • Shipping to Continental US only
  • Just have fun!


Winner will be announced Next Tuesday during our weekly blog.

Let’s see if we can inspire others, achieve something ourselves, and just have a little fun this Super Sew Weekend.

Click the images above to learn more about Joi’s Favorites!

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  • Christianne McCall

    06.02.2016 at 00:50

    I’m going to start sewing my first custom fit bra this weekend!!

    • joi

      06.02.2016 at 18:18

      Wonderful There is a great Bra fitting class on Craftsy. I just met the instructor last weekend. She is really great. Wearing the correct fitting bra is so important. I am going to blog about that in the future.

  • Kim

    06.02.2016 at 01:08

    Hi Joi! Just purchased your book today! Yeah me! I also have your first class on Crafty. I will be experimenting this weekend with pattern alterations and fitting. I live in Canada so don’t qualify for prize but I’m there in spirit. Have a great weekend!

    • joi

      06.02.2016 at 18:19

      Hello to my friend in Canada. I met another lovely lady from Canada last year and found we have a lot in common. You have a great adventure learning to fit.

  • HW

    06.02.2016 at 16:51

    I joined both of the facebook pages!

  • Denise Olson

    06.02.2016 at 22:45

    I downloaded the cowboy boot pattern from Miche Designs on the Liberty Jane website for doll clothes patterns and will make 2 prs. of boots for my granddaughters out of vinyl.

    • joi

      08.02.2016 at 02:24

      Hey Denise,
      I just LOVE all those doll clothes everyone is sewing. That vintage 70’s fabric was a dream- I love the colors. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Sydnie McConnell

    08.02.2016 at 00:20

    You are coming to my town at the end of this month (Greeley, CO), and I am SO excited!! I’m waiting to get your book until my local shop gets it. But – I did finish a jacket today that I’ve been working on. Lots of adjustments in mind for next time… :)

    • joi

      08.02.2016 at 02:24

      Woot Woot! I am SOOOOO excited to teach at Sew Downtown in a few weeks. I LOVE Colorado . I was in Denver 2 weeks ago and late fall. Make sure to introduce yourself. I am hoping to bring some of my new book, and I DO have all my patterns. Hurray you sewed a Jacket. See you soon!

  • Sydnie McConnell

    08.02.2016 at 00:22

    One more entry – I joined both Facebook pages today. Hoping I can make the Sewing Holiday – it sounds amazing!!

    • joi

      08.02.2016 at 02:22

      Wonderful. I am trying to grow my FB pages in planning for some exciting future things. We would also love to have you at Sewing Holiday. My Website Pro Nakia is working diligently updating the site with all the new classes and things for this year and we should have that live in a week or so. Watch for more.

  • joi

    08.02.2016 at 02:26

    Thanks for all the great comments. I am going to do a real scientific winner selection tomorrow morning. I am going to count all the posts and have my four year old pick a number between 1 and the final number. He is learning numbers so it will be a big deal. Good Luck to all and we will draw in the morning.

  • Danie

    08.02.2016 at 03:00

    Hi Joi, Thanks for the fun contest! While hubby is watching the SBowl, I am in bed rewatching one of your lessons and going through the questions and your answer. Looking forward more time to start working on that t-shirt I am trying to fit.


    • joi

      09.02.2016 at 14:56

      Hi Danie,
      I sat at a table in our living room and I hot fixed crystals to a costume that I made while hubby watched super bowl. It is hard for me to just sit and watch tv, but hubby loves football and I Have gotten into FB a little more this year. See you in my Craftsy class or on this blog and thanks for participating.

  • AZ Barbara

    08.02.2016 at 14:04

    I made a long sleeve t shirt using a printed mesh fabric and I love how it turned out. It fits well, looks cute and is very comfortable.

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