Bodice Fitting Perfection – March 10-13


Join Designer Joi in her studio the Sewing Factory for an intensive four-day upper body bodice fitting focused workshop. Skip the fluff and learn to really understand how to fit the upper body. In this four day event, you will learn how to understand the dynamics of the torso, how posture and the shape of the spine affects fit and of course debunk the mystery of sleeve fitting. Learn how patterns interact with the unique body shapes we all have. Learn how the natural degeneration of the spine affects the comfort and look of garments on the torso. Day two you will pattern your own upper body pattern using Joi’s unique pattern making approach with a true custom pattern. Even if you have taken one of Joi’s classes this is the prime time to study under her directly in a small group for successful results.  Skip basic drafting methods. You want a real custom pattern and that’s what you will get. Day three is more fitting, and flat pattern techniques so you can use your custom pant to design other styles of pants. If time permits we will have a draping breakout session and class will include an evening sewing session too. Class is limited to 12 students MAX due to the depth that class will go into. All skill levels are always welcome. No supplies necessary. We will provide everything you need.


Learn Skills from a Pro for only 595!


Location: Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory in Sioux City, Iowa