Ultimate Fitting Retreat – September 23-25


Finally the fitting knowledge you need.


Have you purchased every fit book, taken every fit class and still have fitting issues and questions left unanswered? Finally, real fitting solutions! Join Designer Joi for the ultimate fitting experience in her spacious Sewing Factory creative space. Designer Joi not only teaches a class on fit. There are a lot of classes on fit you can choose from. What is exclusive to Joi is she bases her knowledge NOT on repeating the same traditional fit info many others teach based on home sewing methods geared toward body issues from over 75 years ago. Joi bases her knowledge after sewing in business for other people and fitting real people for over 25 years. Look at her designs and you will see the difference.


Skip commonly taught generic fit lessons and join Joi for an approach that is timeless and works on any pattern for any body and any size. This is the information you need to achieve REAL results. Fit is about addressing the real, modern body and understanding what really affects fit. Before you sew a single stitch and doom yourself to often misdiagnosed fitting problems spend a class with Designer Joi.



  • Small group attention from Joi
  • Access to over 25 years of REAL life fitting experience
  • Personalized lessons geared to you and the groups needs
  • Learn in Designer Joi’s beautiful historic Sewing Factory where she creates all of her designs
  • Access to Joi’s fabric stash, rolls and rolls for pattern paper and draping fabric and all the supplies you will need.
  • Time to focus on developing skills that will last you a lifetime
  • Logo items, afternoon goodies, Joi’s exclusive swag bags and more . . .


What a great opportunity to have Joi fit you in person.


This class is also available for small groups by special request.


TIME: 9am-4:30 PM daily


LOCATION: Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory • 4011 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City, IA 51108





Sewing Machines graciously provided by Baby Lock. All class supplies provided by Designer Joi including things like pattern paper, draping muslin and some fabrics in her studio, and you NEVER need to bring your own sewing supplies. Each workstation is supplied with all the sewing tools you need. Go on, spoil yourself — you deserve it!