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I am even more excited as I see just how beautiful my book turned out. I really think all my readers will enjoy the time we spent creating the art and presenting fit in a beautiful, colorful yet approachable fashion. Every fit book out there regurgitates the same info and has the same boring tissue paper patterns and pin fitting which will not get you precision fit. I was really passionate about making fit beautiful and do-able. You will notice the color coordinating tabs to the fit samples on the model and the pattern samples on the pages.

Make sure to read the intro and chapter 1 for all of the how to and protocol. You can jump around the pattern chapters or look at each page within the pattern chapters as a lesson in itself. I love my fitting chapters and how the diagrams look and all the close up photos of things like armholes, necklines and shoulders.

After you learn about different areas of measure you will enjoy chapter 9 which is like a workbook that shows what measurements and adjustments apply to certain types of garments. Look for the workbook grid paper in the background- that was my idea LOL!

Finally my favorite part of the book is chapter 10 with all my real people. Make note that I used a standard size 12 pattern for each and everyone of my models. That is right I used the same pattern and changed it just for each person. I want to debunk the midset that so many sewers get hung up in when it comes to getting the correct pattern size. Don’t sweat it!

Learning to use a pattern and achieve the perfect fit is not about struggling with what size pattern and knowing a textbook amount of generic pattern adjustments. You just need to look at a pattern, any pattern as a starting point. Then learn to measure your body and measure the pattern in the same area. You only modify areas that need modifying.

There is really so much to talk about and I am just so passionate about this. Enjoy my book. IF you still need to order an advance copy you can paypal 29.99 to (using paypal) and include your shipping address. US Only (sorry shipping has been very expensive non domestic-non US please go to

NOTE: These are advance autographed copies. The warehouse does not have their copies yet and you won’t be able to get this in stores or Amazon until the end of September. Quantities are limited.

INTERACTIVE: If you have a question on the book you can ask me through my online Craftsy class which is complementary to the book.

Watch for my blog tour and press release in popular magazines and blogs this fall. . .

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