You are invited to a Common Threads Online Link Party sponsored by Baby Lock

LEARN along with Baby Lock Sewlebrities & take all the classes we had the opportunity to take

WIN your very own Common Thread Swag Bag (this is kind of a big deal) take home all the goodies we received when attending Common Thread. Each gift in the bag was provided especially from each Sewlebrity guest including a copy of my new book Designer Joi’s Fashion Sewing Workshop AND a Sissix cutter!!!

What is Common Threads?

It is a very special event held at the headquarters of Baby Lock sewing machines in Fenton, Missouri. It is kind of a who’s who of the sewing industry and for those who are ambassadors for Baby Lock machines. Some of the guests included Simple Simon and Company, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilting, Amy Barickman, Deanna Springer representing Nancy Zieman, Melissa Mora from Blank Slate Patterns, Riley Blake Fabric Company, F&W Media, Sewing Star Evy Hawkins, Lindsay Wilkes the Cottage Mama, Decorating Diva Pam Damour, popular bloggers like Heather Valentine, Dana Willard and Crafty Gemini to name only a select few, and ME! It is such and honor being able to attend.


One of the goals is to spread the word far and wide about the community we all foster through the love of sewing and Baby Lock is truly on the forefront of promoting the Love of Sewing. You know I bought my very first Baby Lock when I was 15 years old. I saved my money all summer working for a tailor and put my Baby Lock Serger on Layaway until I could bring it home. I still have that machine. It is so meaningful to me that I get to work with such an amazing company now as a sewing professional.


At Common Threads the event starts with your very special invitation to attend earlier in the spring. Upon arrival it is like a giant family reunion as people welcome all their friends in the industry. You know most people don’t realize that we all have encountered things like a harsh critic or a challenging student. We also share our successes and encourage and inspire each other. In sewing most of us are women with families who are running our businesses, and it is amazing that there are others out there just like us with the same passion. So it is also wonderful to be able to share that with someone who understands.


This year our peer led classes included a beautiful charity sewing event creating Little Dresses for Africa taught by The Cottage Mama Lindsay Wilkes, a fun Around the town appliqué/embroidery/ stippled purse taught by Evy Hawkins who by the way is one of the nicest people in the industry. I remember one of my first big events when I did not know anyone and she kindly said “do you want to borrow my steamer”? We had a great serger bag class, a fun open sew, the sewing notions buffet, an ice cream social, a thread bucket give away, amazing SWAG including a new Sissix cutter, and just lots of fun with friends. Too often we all are teaching that we don’t get to take a class and play and even mess up because we are regular people too. Yes I accidently on purpose sewed my zipper in the side seam of my bag instead of the top but you did not hear that from me LOL! Now it is a makeup bag which works fine with me. I love Baby Lock and I love Common Threads. Now is your turn to join in on the fun


Read more about this event and enter for a chance to win all our Sewlebrity SWAG and win all the classes we participated in by clicking the following link:

It was an honor to attend this event - it's like a giant family reunion!
Purses from Evy's class!


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