Designer Joi's Sewing Factory

Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory

4011 Floyd Blvd.

Sioux City, Iowa 51108


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Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory is located at 4011 Floyd Blvd. In Sioux City, Iowa and opened the fall of 2016.


Located in the historic Old Town Leeds Bank Building, this hidden gem of a 3,000sq. foot creative space sat empty for about 5 years. What once was a hub of industry almost 100 years ago, this space has housed an historic bank, a modern bank, a wooden furniture factory, and most recently a computer store. The large wood floor had been used as a practice floor for the adjoining dance studio that is located next door. The upstairs used to be a roller-skating rink back in the day and the adjoining mirror image space used to be the original Leed’s grocery store.


When Joi walked into a dusty, but sound building she had a vision. It was love at first sight.


“I had driven by this building for almost 18 years and literally never noticed it. By chance I noticed it on April 2016 and now after the remodel I feel amazed and blessed that this is all my creative space. Well, really it is a place to make things that make people happy and impact their lives. It really is for you my sewing family and friends. I am very humbled.” Designer Joi


Joi saw an industrial looking wood floor meant to be refinished and to house her tables and machines, an amazing old bank vault needing some paint and a creative touch, large walls waiting for beautiful artwork and inspiration, a giant store front window waiting for objects that would inspire and entertain the viewer on one of Sioux City’s  busiest streets and ready for Joi’s creative touch.


It took from April 2016 to September 2016 to plan the move and remodel. It took two months to remodel and then move in, and a little longer to put everything in its perfect place.


Now, Joi does her sewing and design work here every day, films videos, photographs her work, teaches classes, hosts sewing groups & schools and more, The space is outfitted with a classroom full of Baby Lock Sewing Machines, features a creative area for consulting with design clients, racks of beautiful fabrics, a fun chalkboard wall for guests to sign, inspirational photos, thousands of spools of Metter thread, colorful dressforms, beautiful chairs, striking garments and more . . .


Join us for a class in one of the most exciting creative sewing spaces in the country.


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Keep checking back to see photos of our new studio space and classrooms!